We support our military veterans

With the latest news of the VA scandal making headlines we just wanted to pause and say that we believe that our military veterans deserve the best medical care in the world, not the left overs. Especially those who have been wounded in any way, physically or psychologically.

At Herocare it pains us to see our veterans mistreated in any way. We believe they are the heart and soul of what makes America great and there is no excuse for anything less than excellence in how we treat our soldiers, their families, our veterans and especially our wounded veterans!

Thank you to all of our Herocare Members who shine their lights bright every day in your communities. We hope you will verbally show your support in every way possible regarding this issue of taking care of our veterans. There is no political angle on this issue folks! We believe that every American believes the same we do… after all, we all bleed red, white and blue first, right?

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About Executive Director

Lane Houk is the Founder of Herocare. He is a former Army combat medic and his father is a retired police officer and detective. His grandfathers served in law enforcement and one of them also served in the US Navy. Herocare was developed out of the conviction that men and women all over our country get up everyday to serve their community and their country yet many of them have not fully realized the American Dream. Herocare endeavors to serve these heroes and help them in any small way we can while reinforcing the message of "thank you!"

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