Monthly e-Newsletter Feature Spots

Let’s face it, not everyone is going to take the time to log-in to a directory. So, our members enjoy discounts in their Inbox once a month. All businesses participating in the Rewards Directory have a text link to their listing in our monthly newsletter.

In addition, every month we send out an email submission reminder to Rewards Directory participating businesses and those who want larger ads in the broadcast can upgrade for as little as $50.00. Our broadcasts are sent to over 10,000 opt-in members and have about a 20% open rate.

NOTICE: Businesses can purchase one or more months at a time. Feature A spots are limited to three (3) per year per business as there is only a maximum of two (2) Feature A spots per monthly email. Simply select the quantity you would like (a quantity of 2 equals 2 months). Businesses can pick which months they would like their features to run.

About Executive Director

Lane Houk is the Founder of Herocare. He is a former Army combat medic and his father is a retired police officer and detective. His grandfathers served in law enforcement and one of them also served in the US Navy. Herocare was developed out of the conviction that men and women all over our country get up everyday to serve their community and their country yet many of them have not fully realized the American Dream. Herocare endeavors to serve these heroes and help them in any small way we can while reinforcing the message of "thank you!"

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